Monday, March 17, 2014

House/Senate showdown coming over unemployment benefits? « Hot Air

House/Senate showdown coming over unemployment benefits? « Hot Air: "Unfortunately, Boehner’s resistance may not be enough, if the Senate passes the bill. In an election year, with the word “compromise” being thrown around because Democrats are “only” applying the benefits until May, and Republicans already being viewed as the party of the rich, short-term political survival may win the day.

Nearly five years after the Great Recession ended, unemployment is still high and the American people are still suffering greatly from the government-induced economic crash and subsequent weak recovery. With the help of the mainstream and liberal media — yes, a somewhat redundant phrase — Democrats have been able to pretend that their policies are good for the nation. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to react to Democratic initiatives, not stand up around a cohesive regulatory, tax, and spending reform package that would get the nation finally up and running again."

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