Saturday, March 8, 2014

IRS to give up, release all Lerner e-mails, documents « Hot Air

IRS to give up, release all Lerner e-mails, documents « Hot Air: "They’ve had eight months to sit on all of this data and come up with a battle plan, circle the wagons and get ready for this. In the bad old days, one assumes they would just have a vodka soaked party around the burn barrel and any damning documents could literally go up in smoke. But is it really that much harder in the digital era? I ask this because I honestly don’t know.

Are government e-mail systems truly all that foolproof? Do they have the ability to simply delete e-mails and electronically transmitted documents down the memory hole, or are they all immediately archived somewhere else beyond the clutches of the local system administrator? And even if such backups exist, who administers them and how trustworthy are they? If this dump had taken place immediately upon the first request being issued I might have a smidgen more faith that a complete record was being turned over. At this point, a lack of evidence being delivered just doesn’t seem like proof positive that such evidence doesn’t exist… or did not previously exist at some point."

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