Monday, March 3, 2014

Senate Dem to oppose Mumia-defender Obama appointee « Hot Air

Senate Dem to oppose Mumia-defender Obama appointee « Hot Air: "The issue here is whether Adegbile was a lawyer representing a client or an activist on behalf of a murderer. Faulkner’s testimony makes it clear that his legal team seemed to think of themselves as the latter. Plus, the Abu-Jamal case wasn’t about civil rights at all, but a dispute over the death penalty and its application in this case — when states almost always apply it when available to the murder of law-enforcement officials.

The question in this case is whether Casey’s colleagues in the Senate will be swayed by united, bipartisan home-state opposition to a nominee from this White House. Normally, that would be enough to torpedo an appointment, forcing the White House to look elsewhere for a less-controversial choice. However, Harry Reid didn’t blow up the Senate just to lose a high-profile appointment, either. That puts Casey’s fellow Democrats in a big vise, and gives Republicans lots of ammunition to argue that Reid’s change was to enable confirmations of radicals rather than smooth the process for supportable nominees. If Democrats want to have that argument available to them, then perhaps they should line up behind Casey here and deny Adegbile a Justice platform for his activism."

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