Monday, March 24, 2014

Best of the Web Today: Sects and Drugs -

Best of the Web Today: Sects and Drugs - "Whether ObamaCare "is worthy of defense on its merits" surely depends not on its aim of "solving problems" but on the extent to which it is effective at solving them without creating new problems.

But the idea of defending it in the name of the "larger principle" of activist government is especially dubious. When liberals want to make that case, they usually point to Social Security, which--although there are grounds to criticize it--has the virtues of being reasonably simple, well established and broadly understood as beneficial.

In making the case for the larger principle of limited government, AFP points to ObamaCare because it is the mirror image of Social Security. Although there may be grounds to praise it, it has the shortcomings of being maddeningly complicated, untested and broadly understood as unfair and harmful."

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