Monday, March 17, 2014

Science Mag: 'Cosmos' Attack On Church Gets History 'Downright Wrong'

Science Mag: 'Cosmos' Attack On Church Gets History 'Downright Wrong': "These kinds of attacks are  something that I think we are going to see more of from the secular, atheist crowd. There is a desperation at work here that makes sense when you put yourself in their shoes. Variety is obviously angry that Christianity is making a serious comeback in popular culture. For decades, these evangelical atheists have believed science was on their side and that by now science would in some way disprove the idea of God.
The complete opposite has happened, though. And that has revealed that it is not really science that many of these leftists respect and believe in. Rather, it is the convenient use of science to attack Christianity and to further their own political cause. For example, as Global Warming models slowly collapse, those who claim to be pro-science are looking more and more like religious freaks every day."

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